We Love Cardiff

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Cardiff Bay Cityscape

Because NG Building Company is a Cardiff based, family-run, building company you wouldn’t be surprised if you heard us say, “We love Cardiff!”

It’s true. We do love Cardiff. We’re Cardiff born and bred and there’s not one part of Cardiff we haven’t worked in over the years. From Cyncoed and Lisvane in the north to Tiger Bay (sorry, old habits), we mean Cardiff Bay in the south, we’ve pretty much built everything there is to build. From quaint garden walls to huge extensions, NG Building Company has been at the heart of the Cardiff building scene.

It’s fantastic to see how our city has transformed over the last 25 years. Cardiff has grown into a fine, cosmopolitan city and NG has grown with it. We’ve met some great people over the years, both suppliers and customers, and many have become friends.

Here’s to Cardiff. It’s our city and we’re proud to be building here.

Love Cardiff, love City Life Magazine…

If you love Cardiff as much as we do, then Cardiff’s City Life magazine is a must read. It’s The City Of Cardiff’s premier lifestyle magazine. And it’s independent and family-run like NG!

Here’s the City Life magazine website: www.citylifecardiff.com


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